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a full-time dreamer who wanders and tells stories

Hello. Do you charge people for your stories?

Oh. Why would anyone charge stories? They are there to be told, aren’t they?

Of course! But people need to make a living. What sort of stories do you have?

Stories of my own, the strangers I’ve encountered, the sun, the moon and the stars… What sort of stories do you want to hear?

Honestly, all of them! Is there one in particular longing to be told?

Yes, indeed. But are you a real good listener? Because only then will the story truly unfold.

I hope I am. I promise you, I will try my hardest to listen and comprehend.

It’s nice then. Oh and just one more thing, do you consider yourself a patient person? Because it may take a while to put the story which is in the mind into physical words. In the meantime, let’s talk about our most cherished memories, deepest fears and greatest dreams, shall we?

Yes, I’m patient enough to wait! Most cherished memories…You know, my most cherished memories are of my cat, who died almost three years ago. I miss her a lot. Sometimes I dream about her. What are your most cherished memories?

My most cherished memories… Being treated like a family member by a stranger when I was traveling alone in their country. She didn’t even speak English and all we did to understand each other was using body language (oh my clumsiness). A starry starry night with 2 friends, sitting on the roof, singing songs, reading poems and telling stories. A wonderful conversation with a stranger, not a long one but worth being cherished. And of course, all of my purest childhood memories…

Tee Wanders

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