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Inspiration for Minimalism: YouTube, Podcast and More

Have you ever found yourself struggling to follow through with the minimalist lifestyle? Have you ever found it hard to let go of attachment to things or to people even though you know they don’t add any value to your life? Or have you ever got discouraged by other people? (This is especially true if you live with your partner or your family members who don’t follow this lifestyle). For me, I think it’s very important to engage with the community and share insights about simple living and decluttering with others. The minimalist community will be a source of inspiration to keep you motivated whenever you get lost or stuck in living a minimalist life.

Here is a list of minimalist resources that have somehow inspired me to pursue a simple life. I hope you’ll find them helpful as well.

My favorite minimalism blogs

My favorite Minimalist YouTube Channels

Mat D’Avella

Matt D’Avella is a filmmaker, YouTuber & Podcaster that is journeying toward a simple and meaningful life. I’m quite impressed by the YouTube content that he has created so far. Matt’s videos mainly focus on minimal living, productivity and film making. His videos are all well-produced and informative. And I’m sure his dry sense of humor will more or less entertain you.

Matt is also known for his awarding winning Netflix documentary, Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. The documentary follows two guys who left the rat race to discover happiness through the medium of minimalism.

This documentary is totally worth a watch. It will challenge you to think more deeply about our consumptive culture.

My favorite videos from Matt’s channel

Pick Up Limes

Pick Up Limes is probably one of my all-time favorite YouTube Channels. I fell in love with the channel right after watching the first video. Run by Sadia Badiei, a wonderful, warm, and genuine soul, Pick Up Limes touches on all things relating to lifestyle, including minimalism, vegan food, wellness and productivity. What I love most about Pick Up Limes is its elegantly made videos with really engaging content. I’m sure a lot of you already watch her work, but in case you’ve somehow missed out on it, do check her out! Believe me, you’ll definitely fall in love with Sadia’s soothing and calm voice after watching her videos for the first time.

Here are some of my favorite videos on the Pick Up Limes Channel

Heal Your Living

My most recent discovery, Heal Your Living, is a channel that focuses on minimalism, sustainability, wellness and natural living. Youheum, a Digital nomad, Minimalist Life Coach, and the creator of Heal Your Living, is a lovely human being who is living in a furniture-free space with her sister and her cat. Her simple and genuine videos are helpful resources to inspire me to live a minimalist lifestyle. Even though Youheum chooses to become an extreme minimalist, which is not what I choose to pursue, her philosophy of life resonates with me in a special way. And that’s why her channel is among my most favorite ones.

You may find these videos helpful

Break the twitch

Break the Twitch is another YouTube Channel that I find interesting to follow. Break the Twitch mainly talks about intentional living and doing more of what matters through minimalism, habits and creativity. Anthony Ongaro, the guy behind Break the Twitch, along with his lovely wife, have been practicing minimalism for a long while and decided to share his journey with the world through YouTube videos and blog posts. You can visit his blog here to learn more about him. His informative and relaxing videos are great resources for those who are practicing a simple lifestyle.

You may find these videos helpful

Madeleine Olivia

Maddie’s channel is also among my favorite YouTubers. Maddie is a British vegan who is on a simple, green living journey. Her channel focuses on minimalism as a lifestyle to seek inner peace and wellness. This is a great channel especially for those who are just starting out as you will get a lot of valuable advice as well as inspiration from her to downsize your belongings.
Maddie also makes tons of vegan food and sustainability videos that you may find helpful in one way or another.

So far these videos have been my favorites

My favorite Podcast Channels

You might not know I’m a podcast fan. I choose to listen to podcasts every day as a way to boost my productivity and motivation. I’m so thankful for the people behind every podcast channel because I’ve learned a lot from their stories and experiences. Here are several minimalist podcast channels that I love.

Optimal Living Daily

I’ve been subscribing to this beautiful channel for a few years now and feel happy that I chose it as a source of inspiration in the first place. This podcast channel is an audio version of blog posts that are run by Justin Malik. The channel covers various topics including personal growth, minimalism and productivity. This one is a perfect choice for those who are too busy to spend hours reading helpful blog posts. With these podcasts, you can easily learn new things while doing your daily tasks such as cooking, gardening, cycling, and so on.

The Slow Home Podcast

The Slow Home Podcast is hosted by Brooke McAlary, a writer living in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, Australia. Her podcast focuses on simple and slow living. Listening to her podcast, I hope you’ll get inspired to let go of things that don’t serve you and opening yourself up to more of what does.

The Minimalists

I mentioned The Minimalists once or twice in my previous blog posts (You can read more here – My favorite minimalism blogs). Founded by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, The Minimalists is probably one of the most well-known websites about minimalism. Millburn and Nicodemus started The Minimalists website in 2010 after finding the material things that were supposed to make them happy really didn’t. Since then, they’ve written three books to inspire others to live with a little less. The Podcast tends to focus more on “why” you should declutter rather than “how”. The documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things that I mentioned above is directed by Mat D’avella and a collaboration between The Minimalists and some other minimalists.

Instagram accounts that I follow

I mainly use social media as a way to get some more inspiration to live a meaningful life.
If you’re on Instagram, you may want to check out these minimalist Instagrammers as they are great resources to motivate you to keep going on your minimalist journey.

So I’ve just shared with you my list of minimalism YouTube and Podcast Channels that inspire me to live a simple life. What are yours? Please feel free to share with me in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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