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Inspiration for Minimalism: YouTube, Podcast and More

podcast about minimalism

Have you ever found yourself struggling to follow through with the minimalist lifestyle? Have you ever found it hard to let go of attachment to things or to people even though you know they don’t add any value to your life? Or have you ever got discouraged by other people? (This is especially true if you live with your partner or your family members who don’t follow this lifestyle). For me, I think it’s very important to engage with the…

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Movies that inspired me to be a wanderer

You may never imagine how many travel movies I have watched so far. Every time I need some motivation to step out of my comfort zone and explore the world around me, I always look for travel movies or books. They are somehow like my painkillers. I know it sounds silly but it’s true. They have been a source of inspiration for me in one way or another. You know the feeling when you watch a great travel movie and…

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Things I no longer buy as a low-waste minimalist

I know I’m not a perfect minimalist just yet. There are still many unimportant things I can’t get rid of, many negative thoughts I still hold on to. Anyways, I’ve just only started and the journey into this minimalist lifestyle takes time and great effort. I’m just trying my best. I make small, easy changes to myself each and every day – let go of unnecessary things and be mindful of what things I consume. Being a minimalist isn’t not…

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What Minimalism Means to Me

When it comes to minimalist living, some people may wonder whether they are a minimalist already or what they should do to become a true minimalist. For me, there is no absolute definition of what a minimalist is. Being a minimalist means different things to different people. … There is no single set of rules or standards that you must follow and meet to be a minimalist. There is no such a so-called true minimalist, either. You choose your way…

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My favorite minimalism blogs

Since I started to follow the minimalist lifestyle, I have read through various blogs relating to it. You know, sometimes the best way to get some inspiration is to learn about others’ experiences. These bloggers, one way or the other, have given me so much motivation and insights into how being a minimalist looks like. Today, in this post, I truly want to share with you some of my favorite minimalism blogs (also bloggers) that I’ve followed since the beginning…

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How I Became a Minimalist

How I became a minimalist

Living with less intrigued me I must say I’m not much of a materialistic person. Yet, it doesn’t totally mean that I’m not into any kind of fancy little things. Nice things make me look nice. A new pair of Converse would make me happy all day long, and of course, I’d feel more confident when I wear a lovely dress (and I know I’m not the only one). I love wandering around souvenir shops and what I want to…

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How has your life changed since a year ago?

How has your life changed since a year ago? “One year ago, I was just a fresh graduate who asked my parents for money every now and then. One year ago, I sat there by the window, staring blankly off into space, having no clue of what I should do and where I should start. One year ago, I ate a lot of meat, never thinking that one day I’d be a vegetarian. The thought alone was so daunting. One…

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My bucket list

Sometimes when I feel lost, this bucket list is the only thing that guides my way. Travel alone – solo backpack trip Learn 5 languages (French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian) Read 1000 books Try scuba diving Learn to play guitar Learn to play ukulele Go on a road trip Quit the full-time job and live the life I want Learn to swim Write a book Visit every continent Live abroad for at least 3 months (alone) Learn to drive Ride…

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