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My bucket list

Sometimes when I feel lost, this bucket list is the only thing that guides my way.

  1. Travel alone – solo backpack trip
  2. Learn 5 languages (French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian)
  3. Read 1000 books
  4. Try scuba diving
  5. Learn to play guitar
  6. Learn to play ukulele
  7. Go on a road trip
  8. Quit the full-time job and live the life I want
  9. Learn to swim
  10. Write a book
  11. Visit every continent
  12. Live abroad for at least 3 months (alone)
  13. Learn to drive
  14. Ride a horse
  15. Fall asleep under the stars (alone or with S.O I love)
  16. Milk a cow (removed)
  17. Kiss in the rain
  18. Write and send a message in a bottle (removed)
  19. Go to the highest point of something and yell as loudly as I can
  20. Follow my feet, not a map and let myself get lost
  21. Watch sunrise and sunset on the same day
  22. Swim under a waterfall
  23. Public speaking
  24. Take a yoga class
  25. Take a meditation class
  26. Take part in Vipassana Meditation Course
  27. See the Northern lights
  28. Camp in a national park
  29. LOVE deeply, madly, truly
  30. Watch a meteor shower
  31. Learn to skateboard (removed)
  32. Get lost in a foreign country
  33. Start a blog/website
  34. Pet a dog
  35. Collect postcards from 60 countries (ongoing)
  36. Make a scrapbook (ongoing)
  37. Write letters to my future self
  38. Go skiing
  39. Sleep/camp on the beach (alone or with S.O)
  40. Write a song and play it
  41. Watch the sunrise in Bagan – Myanmar
  42. Carry out the dream project (ongoing)
  43. Make a short movie/documentary by myself (filmmaker)
  44. Translate a book
  45. Visit every country in Southeast Asia
  46. Take IELTS exam
  47. Live alone for a while in a new city
  48. Collect 10000 stories from strangers
  49. Inspire someone
  50. Ride a boat
  51. Run a marathon
  52. Have a tattoo
  53. Be a vegetarian
  54. Kiss a stranger
  55. Go to India
  56. Be a storyteller
  57. Be a zero waste person
  58. Run my own business
  59. Walk Camino de Santiago
  60. Visit Nepal
  61. Visit Bhutan
  62. Live off-grid for a while
  63. Live a minimalist life
  64. DIY home decor
  65. Learn to make natural shampoo bars/ soaps
  66. Learn sign language
  67. Do a random act of kindness
  68. Do Volunteer work
  69. Volunteer in Africa
  70. Take the Yoga Teacher Training Course
  71. Take a road trip in New Zealand
  72. (To be updated)…

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