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Since I started to follow the minimalist lifestyle, I have read through various blogs relating to it. You know, sometimes the best way to get some inspiration is to learn about others’ experiences. These bloggers, one way or the other, have given me so much motivation and insights into how being a minimalist looks like. Today, in this post, I truly want to share with you some of my favorite minimalism blogs (also bloggers) that I’ve followed since the beginning days. Anyway, after checking out those inspiring blogs, some of them may fall into your favorite category, some may not. But no matter how much you like them, if you take a closer look at what is shared, you’ll definitely find something useful or uplifting.

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No Sidebar

If you’re always hooked by “living with less” content, then you might have ever heard of (or know about) this blog. It’s not a personal blog but a collaboration between some bloggers/ designers who live a simple lifestyle and would like to share their experiences about how to get rid of stuff and focus on the essentials.

Just like many other minimalism blogs, No Sidebar’s design is elegant, clean and minimal,  which is very pleasing to the eyes.

Here are some good articles on No Sidebar that you may find interesting:

Reading My Tea Leaves

I always love reading personal stories. If you know me (or rather, my blog), you’ll see me collecting stories from strangers and also sharing stories of my own. Funny enough, I’m obsessed with stories, and being a storyteller is my evergreen dream. Therefore, when it comes to following some blogs for education and inspiration purposes, I tend to choose blogs that share not only knowledge but also experiences, personal stories, and feelings. Reading my tea leaves is one of those few blogs that have given me so much of inspiration. I came across this blog while I was searching for something nice to read on the Internet, and was so happy to find this one because what Erin (the founder) has shared amazingly aligned with my values – living a simple, sustainable life.

Before diving into her blog, you can read my favorite writings of hers here:

Be More with Less

The name says it all. Courtney Carver started this website to share her life story and help others discover the joy in less. If you crave simplicity in life and work or simply want to make some changes to yourself as a minimalist, then read her blog.

I’ve picked out some lovely articles from her blog that will surely inspire you to be more YOU:

Becoming Minimalist

The author of The More of Less Joshua Becker and his family share their journey of minimalist living on the blog Becoming Minimalist. Reading their blog, you’ll learn a lot about the importance of living with less and how to make the most out of your life. Becoming Minimalist has inspired millions to clear the clutter from their lives and focus on what matters the most.

Read their most popular blog posts here to get their message of simple living:


I love Tammy and her writing voice – calm, honest and full of humor. Every time I read her blog, I always feel like I can relate to her in many aspects. Tammy doesn’t only write about minimalism but also her daily adventures. They are all true stories that will somehow make you smile or wonder if you’re living a real simple life. Also, if you’re into photography, then why not check her blog out? Read her about page here.

I love these pieces of writing on her blog. You may love them, too:

So I’ve just shared with you my five favorite bloggers that have fed my mind with some of the most fascinating knowledge about minimalism and intentional living. At the same time, they have inspired me to consume less and create more. I hope you will find some inspiration when reading those blogs, too. What are your favorite minimalism blogs? And what have you learned from them? I’d like to know… Thank you, my friends. 

Just be,

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