silence - a visual poem
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Silence – a visual poem

“We’re living in the world with so many fears

We fear the darkness, we fear getting lost in the wilderness, we fear silence and solitude

For they keep telling us that those things bring no good

That the unknown is scary and so is silence

That we have to learn to fit into this world

(A world with full of fear and avoidance).

But in such a world where everyone is talking and no one is listening,

What I always long for is nothing but silence.

Only in the moments of silence could I hear my voice

Only when I get lost could I find myself

The darkness wraps me up with comfort and peace

Quiet walks carry me into eternity

And I therefore shall step into those fears regardless.”

Silence is a poem that I wrote for November, 2019. I decided to make it visual the other day using some footages that I shot long ago. There are several footages (spontaneously) shot in Dalat, Chiang Mai and Yangon on my dear old phone (iPhone 4).

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